our story

Evolving Kneads Bakery was inspired by my childhood memories of the sweet aroma of Mom’s home baked cookies wafting through our house and my love and passion for great tasting desserts. 

Hi, I’m Glenn Panitz, my poker buddies challenged me to create the most incredible, delicious Gluten Free/Vegan desserts for our monthly game. Wow, what a tough crowd! They were skeptical any Gluten Free/Vegan dessert could possibly taste that good, let alone amazing. I watched as they reached for seconds and thirds and it was confirmation enough that Evolving Kneads Bakery was on its way.

If you have dietary restrictions or preferences you shouldn’t have to compromise on taste. 

Our scrumptious desserts are made with quality ingredients and we are confident that your sweet tooth will always be satisfied. Enjoy.

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