Wholesale & Private Label

Looking to sweeten up your gluten-free/vegan offerings? We've got you covered! Our frozen desserts and fresh brownies are now available for wholesale or private labeling. So, if you're running a cafe, restaurant, or any other business, you can add a dash of deliciousness to your offerings with our products. Check with your local Grocery stores as our specialty desserts are being stocked up nationwide.

We're here to make it happen.

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chocolate brownie baked skillet

Amazingly rich chocolaty & chewy goodness.

peanut butter cookie baked skillet

Perfectly balanced with salty & sweet.

chocolate chip cookie baked skillet

Classically delicious, chewy, & chocolaty.

chocolate lava cake

Unbelievably rich chocolate cakes with molten, gooey centers.

our brownies

Our single serve brownies come in three varieties: Original - amazingly rich, chocolaty & chewy goodness; Rainbow - rich chocolate with an explosion of rainbow sprinkles; S'mores - a wonderfully perfect combo of chocolate, graham and marshmallow.